Proven Results.

From non-profits to national corporations, we've worked with forward-thinking public and private sector ventures and given them a distinct presence in the marketplace.

Dozens of client references attest to the quality and efficacy of our consulting and production.

Broader reach, increased profits and growth — these are the results of a long-term relationship with DualStar Digital.


Without sacrificing quality, Dualstar Digital's in-house, collaborative approach makes for streamlined communication and nimble responsiveness. Changes, ideas, and epiphanies materialize throughout the creative process and we can adapt and make changes as quickly as you can think of them, without coordinating the efforts of multiple organizations.


As a collective DualStar Digital's overhead is low. Our artists, print buyers, marketers, and administrative staff are all under one networked roof. And our production facilities are within a stone's throw of each other. No shipping costs between departments. No lag time for travel and scheduling. All of these benefits get passed on to you in the form of marked time and cost reductions.


A single meeting. Relay changes to your entire marketing, creative, and production team through a dedicated project manager — one point of contact keeps communication quick and the quality of your media consistent.


Our relationships are long-term. Clients come back to DualStar time and again for two reasons — our quality of work, and our professional ethics. We don't cut corners, and we work around the clock.

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