Bay Area Marketing Agency Makes a Difference Locally

In a quiet corner of town, something remarkable is happening: A hole in the wall restaurant is catering lavish weddings, a tiny nonprofit is expanding their donor base online, a boutique pie factory is being covered by the Travel Channel and on their way into Whole Foods. You might ask, how is this possible considering the lack of resources small organizations face in the current economy?

Patrick Hart can answer that question. “Efficiency, in a word,” he says, “Low overhead is the new high revenue, and we’re able to help so many disadvantaged organizations by following our own advice.” Patrick founded his SMB marketing agency in his junior year of high school at age of 16, with three other enterprising partners — all teenagers. “We didn’t want to work in fast food, and we each had some marketable talents, so I rallied the troops and we formed a summertime garage startup,” the now 29 year old founder reminisces. 

“I don’t know how we did it then. Our academic schedules were packed and our extracurricular activities were demanding. Three of us were touring the country with the Mt. Eden Choir, and then in college I was a graphics/features dual editor for the Chabot Spectator newspaper. There were many a deadline Wednesday night we were there long after the janitors had gone home, laying out stories until 2, 3, 4 in the morning,” he continues, “We had the best advisor Bill Johnson who would go to great lengths to reinforce the tenets of quality journalism. Years later, when I dropped by to help the new staff with some computer glitches, Mr. Johnson surprised me by stopping the class and introducing me as ‘the only guy who was ever too big for this place’ and I’ll never forget that. He passed away a few years later, forever remembered like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.”

Patrick himself, knew he wouldn’t be able to afford college without this venture, his family was trapped in the income bracket that plagues so many parents of middle class students: they made slightly too much to qualify for financial aid, but having a single father with four children in this case, too little to bear the expense of higher education.

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About the Creative Director

Patrick Hart is an experienced Creative Director and Digital Producer with over 15 years at public and private sector agencies. The breadth of his identity and campaign work is visible throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. He has managed creative and quality assurance for a wide variety of products and services. Verticals include tech, education, finance, hospitality, food & beverage, automotive, sports, and membership associations.

Along the way he's earned certificates and awards from numerous institutions, and served on several nonprofit boards. Patrick's professional recognition makes him a sought-after resource to evolve brands and organize top-tier events.

Patrick is a new media and marketing expert. His experience began in the 1990s as an early adopter producing CRM-driven variable data postcard reminders for vehicle maintenance. Youthful enough to stay on the cutting edge, experienced enough to know what works — Patrick has used his balanced approach to MarTech to fuel growing businesses to new heights.

His most recent speaking engagements include:
Guerrilla Marketing for SMBs (with Constant Contact & Joanne Black)
Presentation Techniques & LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs (as leadership advisor to DECA)
Advertising for Artists (for Bridge ArtSpace collective)
Demographic & Psychographic Segmentation (for the HCC Latino Business Roundtable)
Expert Marketing Panelist for the East Bay Small Business Symposium (for Alameda County SBDC)
New Strategies for Success in Email Marketing (for members of Hayward & Castro Valley Chambers of Commerce)
Mad Men Entrepreneurship Mixer (with IndCor & HCC)
Encouraging Donors to Make Online Gifts (for Hayward NonProfit Alliance)